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See TykWiki:About for more about what this wiki is and isn't, or go straight to the categories below.

This wiki was moved to a faster server on May 8th 2019. Please report any problems!

You can also search for the information you need.

Tykling 12:50, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

Available categories

  • Apache - Articles about the Apache http server.
  • Eggdrop - Articles about running the Eggdrop IRC bot from ports on FreeBSD.
  • GEOM Related - Articles about gjournal, gmirror and friends.
  • Miscellaneous - Articles that do not fit into any other categories.
  • Nagios - Articles about the Nagios monitoring system.
  • Ports Management - Articles about FreeBSD ports management.
  • Postfix - Articles about the Postfix MTA.
  • PostgreSQL - Articles about the PostgreSQL database server.
  • Sendmail - Articles about the default FreeBSD MTA Sendmail.
  • Tcpdump - Articles about the tcpdump network packet sniffer.
  • Varnish - Articles about the reverse HTTP proxy Varnish.