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It is possible to check the status of gmirror with Nagios and NRPE using the following port:

$ cat /usr/ports/net-mgmt/nagios-geom/pkg-descr
This is a small Nagios plugin written in PERL and designed to monitor
the state of FreeBSD GEOM devices (specifically mirrors and striped
volumes) from Nagios.


Configuring Nagios

First I define a new service on the Nagios server, in /usr/local/etc/nagios/objects/services.cfg:

define service{
        use                             generic-service
        hostgroup_name                  geom-servers
        service_description             nrpe_check_geom
        check_command                   check_nrpe2!check_geom

I then add the hosts that I want to run this check on to the group geom-servers on the nagios server, which makes Nagios run the check check_nrpe2!check_geom on all members of the group.

Install the plugin

Just install the port:

sudo portmaster /usr/ports/net-mgmt/nagios-geom/

Configuring NRPE

Add the following line to /usr/local/etc/nrpe.cfg:

command[check_geom]=/usr/local/libexec/nagios/check_geom mirror gm0

Of course, if the gmirror is called something else, change the line accordingly.

Remember to restart NRPE after changing the config:

sudo /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nrpe2 restart